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The Reading Master series consists of twelve units and four review units.

Key Features

?Up-to-day themes and topics presented in an attractive and engaging fashion

?Integrated reading texts with follow-up exercises to drive everything home

?A central grammar focus for each unit

?Vocabulary-related exercises

?Fun and informative cultural notes and hands-on examples of idiomatic English

Each main unit includes the following components:

?READING TEXTS These texts are the focal point of every unit around which the rest of the components are based. They include examples of the grammar points that will be taught plus related language and themes.

?POST-READING EXERCISES Reading Overview, Reading Comprehension and Multiple Matching sections test all aspects of your understanding of the texts.

?VOCABULARY Find the Word, Key Word, Phrasal Verbs and Vocabulary Helper sections are all geared toward enhancing your vocabulary and building on the reading through a variety of exercises.

?GRAMMAR This main teaching point will build on and explain examples that can be found in the reading texts.

?THINKING CAP A series of follow-up questions that call on students to expand on their understanding of the texts. To assist with the reading and writing process, a crucial tips section is included.

?CULTURAL NOTES These fun tidbits spotli博客來網路書店 ght interesting and quirky issues related to the reading texts.


  • 出版社:東華


  • 出版日期:2014/01/01
  • 語言:英文

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